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01. Operator of exhibitions
02. Integration into business forums
03. International presetations
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Enframe Expo &Communications
Mission and Objectives of the Company for Client Development at the International Level

To support the growth and prosperity of our clients by enhancing their image and increasing their revenue in both the Russian and international markets. We aim to be a key partner in the development of our clients' businesses, utilizing our extensive connections and experience across various industries and countries. Our goal is to overcome boundaries and create new opportunities for expanding our clients' businesses worldwide.


1. Expanding Client Image:
- Enhancing the international recognition of our clients' brands.
- Strengthening our clients' reputations through strategic PR campaigns and marketing initiatives.

2. Increasing Revenue:
- Developing and implementing sales strategies to penetrate new markets.
- Optimizing business processes to improve efficiency and profitability.

3. Developing International Connections:
- Establishing and maintaining partnerships with key players in various industries and countries.
- Organizing client participation in major industry and international exhibitions to expand their network of contacts and opportunities.

4. Participation in Industry Exhibitions:
- Representing clients at leading international exhibitions to promote their products and services.
- Conducting negotiations and meetings with potential partners and clients at international venues.

5. Continuous Improvement:
- Ongoing training and development of our team to ensure a high level of professionalism and expertise.
- Implementing innovative approaches and technologies to improve the quality of services provided.

We believe that the successful international development of our clients is the key to their sustainable growth and well-being. Our company strives to be not just a service provider, but a reliable and long-term partner in achieving their global ambitions.
since 2014
> 400
Projects implemented
by the team
How we work
We try to be flexible in the implementation of projects from the moment of negotiations to the closing of acts.
Project planning takes place from the very first call and the creation of a common working group with telegram.
Preparation, installation, dismantling and control of delivery dates of layouts for printing.
Flexible approach
Exhibit at industry-specific shows in the USA, EU, CIS countries, Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia
Business development of our clients
Directing and artistic design
Special projects for us are the International Import and Export Day Forum, partnership with MetalExpo Turkey and InterFreshEurasia.
It has been held since 2019, since 2020 in a hybrid format.
Annual Forum International Import and Export Day
The Enframe team constantly designs conferences, forums and build exhibition booths.
Annual conferences on various topics
Our Partners
01. CIS countries
02. Turkey
03. Argentina
04. European Union
07. USA
05. India
08. Indonesia
06. Vietnam
09. UAE

Business Development Center!
since 2014
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Over the years, several hundred projects have been implemented, from the simple design of a small private event to a large development of city events and conferences, holding an international forum in a hybrid format and organizing participation in exhibitions of foreign partners.
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